Birch box bummer.

After signing up for Birchbox a few months ago i’ve received ONE box out of 3 or 4 that i think was worth the money and because i signed up for a year subscription (they only let you cancel yearly subscriptions during the first month and that happens to be the only time i’ve had a decent box- coincidence perhaps?) i’m stuck with it now.

I’ve subscribed to eco-emi recently so i’ll see what thats like and i’m looking at Conscious Box and Ipsy too. I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t be doing yearly subscriptions any more.

Have you guys been disappointed/impressed by any of these?

  1. ceridwenjay said: Reading the conscious box silliness about the vegan box made me like them..
  2. panamanianmoon answered: I found your post in the Ipsy tag - the Glam Bags are definitely worth it! I got two full-sized products in my last bag along with travels.
  3. moloweez answered: Got a full size mascara, nail polish, deluxe samples of oscar blandi spray & organic body butter. So far I like BB better than beauty army!
  4. ohhhsnappdragon answered: WhimsyBox is disappointing. The packaging is wonderful though.
  5. peudepivoineee said: I’ve had three boxes so far. I know I was very disappointed with my ‘goop’ box. It was a couple samples the size of things from a magazine almost. I really hope November’s doesn’t disappoint.
  6. whenthestormsubsides answered: I’m cancelling my Birchbox subscription because I don’t care for it. Ipsy had good products but the bag it comes with is pretty cheaply made.
  7. justlikeyoupromised answered: Just canceled my Birchbox too, after being disappointed for 3 months in a row.
  8. thedixiewolf answered: I hate those, & swore them off because it’s hardly worth it and you’re locked in.
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  10. bashaliora answered: birchbox has been really eh lately. i feel like i get a lot of really similar items and they’re not that impressive the first time around. :[
  11. silvercharmer said: If Glossy Box wasn’t so expensive, I’d try them.
  12. misadventuresofawildchild said: I had birchbox for a year and it was really fun, like a birthday present once a month.
  13. predatorneverprey answered: Just canceled my Birchbox as well. What a waste.
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