Remember that time i was approved for laser eye surgery?

For those of you who missed it, i was approved for lasik last April and was left greatly disappointed when, on the operating table, i was told my eye wasn’t suitable for the suction cup- you can read more here.

Essentially my vision wasn’t corrected and i carried on as usual.

Over the last few months i’ve noticed my contacts are getting worse and worse to wear and i often have to stick my fingers in my eyes to turn the contact to the right place (contacts for astymatism are weighted so they stay in place to fit the eye, if they rotate you then can’t see), for the first hour or two of wearing them each time i have to do this until they “stick”.

I needed an eye exam in order to get new glasses too so i went to the eye doctor today for my annual eye test.

It turns out not only was i lucky to have had the LASIK procedure stopped when i did because having the suction pop off while the laser was cutting my eye could’ve been potentially awful, i’d probably be quite unhappy with the results now any way since my eyes have changed for the first time in years.

My prescription had been stable for about 3 years and prior to that had barely changed but it turns out my near-sightedness has improved and my astigmatism has got a whole lot worse. 

If i’d had the LASIK and my eyes had still changed like they have, i’d probably need additional correction.

My eye doctor explained that i probably won’t be a candidate for LASIK again for some time and, with the severity of my astigmatism, might never be. She did mention that there is a different type of laser correction that doesn’t dissolve or cut your lens but that only a very small group of people are candidates for it so that might be worth looking into in a few years.

I’m actually relieved to know all of that now and not have to think about it for some time, even after the last experience its always been in the back of my mind as something i want to do ASAP but knowing i now can’t… i feel like i can just forget about it.

I got some new contacts to try in my new prescription in hopes that will ease some of the discomfort.

The only negative of my visit is the cost of my glasses because the lenses had to get thinned so much to fit the frames. Oh wells!

Just keeping you guys updated :)

  1. freemindfreebody answered: i have the exact same eye problems!
  2. infinitebyshuting said: Thx for an honest recap of your experiences&info on LASIK. I too have terrible astigmatism and am terribly near sided at age 24. I worry my vision will get so bad I can’t even wear contacts anymore.I always thought I’d just get LASIK but maybe not anymore
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  4. eddie85u answered: You should look into a procedure called Wave front, it’s very similar to LASIK, but it’s tailored to each eye.
  5. piratephotography answered: astigmatism cannot be corrected through laser surgery, they can’t change the shape of the eye unfortunately!
  6. laurajackieee answered: Don’t feel bad, I have to have my lenses shaved down too! Bottle caps 4 ever
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