Bohemian waves? Yes please!

I’ve had this Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist for a little while, I only tried it once and wasn’t keen but decided to try it again yesterday.

I have lots of very fine wavy hair that usually just dries into an out of control mess unless i blow dry it properly but used properly this was actually really good at encouraging some curls (and hair sausages) and keeping them intact.

-I washed my hair with Lush Trichomania bar and Veganese conditioner then put my hair up in one of those turban things and let it dry/sit like that for 10-20 minutes

-Once i’d let my hair down i DON’T BRUSH IT and just let my hair fall into a part then position any weird bits just by loosely running my fingers through it. 

-I sprayed the Argan Mist throughout my hair making sure to get a good covering then twirl any straight bits around my finger to encourage it to fall in line with the rest.

-Once its mostly dried naturally i finished it up with a quick warm blast and a scrunch with the hair dryer (you could use a defuser if those even exist any more) followed by a cold blast to finish. Optionally you can let it dry all the way naturally then just a cold blast if you feel like it.

-If there are any bits that are still misbehaving i sprayed more of the Argan Mist onto those parts and scrunched/twisted them again.

This product is nice because i find most curl-specific products can result in a dry, crunchy feeling but this really moisturizes your hair while still giving it some texture to play with. Voodoo perhaps?

I can’t say how this would be for other hair types but for lots of fine wavy hair this is perfect for beachy waves. Definitely a new summer staple for me… if summer happens this year.

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