Nasty anonymous messages.

So many people i follow on here get shitty, mean, anonymous messages and honestly it just bums me out to see you guys fighting back with them.

Believe me, i get it. I used to (and still do sometimes) get nasty messages and i did respond to them out of frustration with their cowardliness at one point but then i realized that is giving them exactly what they want; a reaction. Its bringing you down to their level.

The best thing you can do is just delete the messages, don’t allow these people to have a second of your time. When you feel like you’re about to respond with a slew of smart one-liners/ appropriate gifs/ insults, just ask yourself if you’d like to have their life. Most likely a miserable, lonely one with a very sad back-story, because what happy, well-adjusted person would intentionally try and hurt someone at all let alone via an anonymous forum?

Once you’ve reminded yourself that their life most likely is an unhappy one, go ahead and delete their message and don’t give another thought to it because you can do that and thats your choice.

If you are one of those people who take a disliking to someone and feel compelled to act on it, whether you have a valid reason or not, ask yourself why you’re doing it. You’re making yourselves miserable by putting that  negative energy out there.

Karma is a boomerang-bitch so make sure its something positive you’re putting out there because you WILL get it back.

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  4. hopehoughton said: What sometimes helps in situations where you want/need to be the bigger person is write down what you’d like to say on a piece of paper then throw it away. You get to say what you want and throwing it away feels like you’re throwing anger away xxx
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    There was a time when I’d get about 10 abuse anons a day, turns out it was someone I used to be friends with from...
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    Absolutely agree with you dear!
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