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Mink lashes

I know i mentioned how messed up the mink lash craze is before but i just wanted to ask any of you who feel strongly that mink farms shouldn’t be something we encourage via beauty fads to take a simple step.

Urge your favorite beauty gurus on youtube/ tumblr/ IG who use mink lashes (Velour lashes are a huge offender) to take a moment to think about what they’re doing. They might be told that they’re made from hair “shed naturally” but lets get real and stop being so irresponsible here.

These animals aren’t well loved pets that people follow around and pick up each hair they shed, no. 

It wasn’t that long ago that people were shocked to find out that their angora sweaters weren’t actually made from hair “naturally shed” and were in fact made of hair ripped out of live rabbits every 2-3 months.

The big beauty gurus influence SO many people and them encouraging followers to buy these mink products is really… well, quite messed up.

Are pretty, fluttery lashes really worth fueling the mink farm industry? Probably not, no.

When theres a synthetic alternative; take it.

Heres my first empties video! A little bit weird to share my garbage with you but i love watching these…

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Battle of the lip products is up now on the blog-

Cover FX

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If so, which are your favorite products?

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