Winged eyeliner pictorial!Steps


Winged eyeliner pictorial!

hi beautiful! i am white eye liner in the corners/waterline junkie... i LOVE the look! but i have yet to find a white eye liner or eye shadow that stays for hours on end. do you have any favourites? :) thanks!x

Personally i think actual white liner can look a bit too fake so i prefer to use a nude colored pencil on people because it brightens the eye without being so harsh.

Try Tarte EmphasEYES inner rim brightener.. its a pale pinky nude that really does the same thing but more subtly so it won’t look as obvious as it wears.

You can use this on the inside corners of your eyes too, just add a hint of shimmer eyeshadow over it to glam it up at night.

Yo Rhian! I know how you love your beauty products and read a while back that you were experimenting with latisse. I wanted to recommend/let you know that Physicians Formula 2+1 eyebooster lash serum Eyeliner is literally making my eyelashes grow like weeds. And it retails for about $10! I've had to cut back using it because my eyelashes are getting too long. It's a great product and an excellent and very precise eyeliner as well, and since it's PF its super gentle on the eyes.

Awesome! Thanks for the info :)

Thanks ladies!

Thanks ladies!

Have you ever used bobbi brown gel eyeliner? Because I looove it but the eyeliner is so tacky that I can't seem to clean the little applicator brush properly. Thought I'd ask here because maybe other people have the same problem, but how'd you clean a gel eyeliner brush? Xx

I haven’t used it but had a look online and have a rough idea of the brush that comes with it.

I would try and wipe any excess off on a tissue or face wipe, rinse with warm water and clean it with a mild shampoo. You might need to do it after every rinse or two if the build up is really bad. Its a good idea to condition it every few weeks too to keep it soft.

Anyone used it and have the answer?