Calling all domestic gods and godesses…

… my miele vacuum finally kicked the bucket and i need a new one asap.

I’ve always liked miele products but a open to other brands also.

What are your favorites?

Multicolor and Contemporary Interior in Portugal

I’ve had quite a few house questions lately on here and, especially about what the previous house looked like.

When we bought the house, this is what it looked like (the photos with animal heads in were taken prior to us buying it so obviously they took those with them… but left the plastic antler chandelier thankfully), we knew we’d plan to add on to it and refinish it.

After living in it for about 18 months we realized just how poorly constructed it was (you could push on the front walls and see noticeably movement) so we ended up tearing the whole thing down and working off of some of the existing foundations.

Does Ace Ventura’s lovely room of death spring to mind for anyone else?