Here are my summer faves for this year.

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Favorite lip balms with SPF?


I love getting samples of things i actually like.

Here are my most recent favorites.

This exfoliator is expensive but the sample was awesome. It has really fine granules in it which i always prefer because i feel like they really get into your pores and scrub out all the dry skin and oils. It would probably be pretty harsh on sensitive skin and its definitely not for every day use. I’d say one or twice a week or just as you feel you need it for a boost. I definitely felt like my skin was a lot smoother and my pores were a lot smaller after i used it.

I haven’t used a mask for a while and found this sample in my magic box of sample goodies so gave it a go. The consistency is great, not too thick like a lot of clay-type masks but thick enough to get a good coating. It doesn’t take forever to dry and doesn’t have a lingering sulphur smell like some. Also super easy to wipe off which usually annoys me about clay masks. My skin felt clean and fresh, pores were smaller and it wasn’t super tight and uncomfortable.

The morning of July 4th i was searching through products to find a foundation with an SPF that i could put on fast and go. I found this sample (it doesn’t say which color it was but there are 4 available) and gave it a go. I was really impressed with the coverage which was great but still light. I felt like it left my skin glowing and dewy but not sticky or thick. I’m usually not a fan of tinted moisturisers but i’d definitely buy this! Perfect for days where you want something sheer that still has some coverage and decent SPF.

Hello! :) What do you use when you're at the beach or, at least, exposing your body to the sun? I'm asking this because I've heard so many times that when you have several tattoos you should always use SPF50+ ..
Oh, and by the way, do you think the tanning 'interferes' with the tattoos at all? (this sounds like a stupid question, lol, but I'd really like to know because I haven't tried any yet and I'm afraid it can look bad somehow, I have no idea, but obviously I suppose good products won't let that happen.)
Thank you, xo

Any kind of tanning (including tanning beds) could affect your tattoos. That’s why it’s best to use a strong SPF whenever you are exposing your tattoos to the sun!

I like using Josie Maran SPF then topping it up with a spray SPF if i’m going to be out for a long time.